Debut Album



Matt Gay // Drums

Oliver Finch // Guitar, Vocals

Nick Hanulik // Bass, Vocals


The Constant Change met in 2012 in a recording studio at SAE Institute in Hollywood, CA. A mutual friends that went to school there had heard that Nick and Oliver had recently become drummerless. The two grew up together in Los Angeles playing music through High School. Matt grew up 80 miles away in Ojai, CA, joined his first band Champaign Sunday at 18, and left on tour. He eventually left them, moved to Los Angeles, and happened upon this mutual acquaintance. Soon after that meeting in that studio, Matt joined The Constant Change. After years of jamming, playing shows, and developing their style, The Constant Change released their first EP in 2017


The driving force behind the song writing and style of The Constant Change is Rock. After that, the sky is the limit. It seems that the best, most timeless and well rounded musicians have mixed genres fluidly. Perhaps that is the way that music evolves,  like languages, joining and splitting, changing meaning over time, but impacting the future from the present.

From a love of the deep rhythm of funk, soul, and reggae, to the driving energy of rock and roll and punk, to the complexity and nuance of jazz, nothing honest is uninspiring.


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